martes, marzo 15, 2011

::::::ABOUT ME:::::::

Since I was little I liked to be leader, and being in the world of a Showbiz .. here was 5 years old and was queen of my preschool:)

extreme experiences characterize me .. Ferrary love my red ..

My favorite pizza even though it is .. We often eat soil ..
Dance and ballet has always been my escape but small does not know much about it ... Unicopa learned and what I was relieved of bad vibes .. I love the dance ..
::::::::::::::::::::::THINK GREEN::::::::::::::::::::

lunes, enero 31, 2011

I Like!!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The communications world is so important to me that this describes my personality and love for communication to large masses ..
wear every day information through the radio reporting the news or important events and give the opportunity to speak to the audience is great ..
I love the television .. because transmitting information gives you more credibility because they can see and is one of the things I enjoy doing because I can be me .. :)

In this opportunity acted ..:) be the protagonist of an excellent short film that showed me different ways of looking at life .. because my paper was about a girl who suffered betrayals in life and became an angel crying ..
The photos are also my forte .. on this occasion to participate in a secion for audiovisual shows city and the reason was Christmas .. in this case might be given because the person you see dressed as Santa Claus died days later and was an employee of the university .. = ( Jean Garavito he rest in peace!


A cute girl is my new friend, classmate of English his name is joselin cano, ohh is adorable and she is 19 years old Maracaibo is, she is studying in URBE a career that goes well with your personality:) graphic design .. also loves shopping and loves to dance .. one of the things I want in life is to have a better job with more benefits .. I hope we can find a lot in common .. how beautiful my new friend:)

jueves, enero 27, 2011


Not only participate, to live the experience of being part of the video  ``SOLO CONTIGO´´ (BACANOS) was one of the coolest things about that and made .. be one of the models of video allowed me to meet new faces in my life .. enjoy it ...